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When it comes to streaming on Twitch, more followers leads to more fun, more excitement, and ultimately can turn Twitch bits into USD. Here are 20 ways you can get going on Twitch adding followers for free. You can also buy Twitch followers, but that’s another story.

All gamers have probably run into that situation where you’re about to pull off an insane play or clutch and someone’s watching over your shoulder. It seems hard to breathe, the pressure is on and you feel a sudden tension arise in the room. Your teammates and everyone around you is watching you play out an important round, a round that decides the fate of the game. Having others watch you and watching others play has been around ever since the creation of games, it’s just natural human behavior to observe others.

With the influx of streaming services such as Twitch, watching others’ games has never been easier. You simply hop on to a streamer’s stream and watch them play all sorts of different games. While it’s easy for the viewer to simply watch, it may be difficult for the streamer to initially gain a following. It’s no fun when you’re streaming and no one is watching, and with the popularity of Twitch as a platform, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for new Twitch streamers to get going. If you’re looking for ways to improve your Twitch following and want to gain a few more Twitch followers you should try these tips out.

1.     Have a Set Schedule

By having a set schedule, your followers will know exactly when to tune in. If you’re streaming randomly you might not be able to build up a consistent following as your viewers won’t know when you’re streaming. This is especially true for smaller streamers. While larger streams may be able to get away with random stream times, smaller streamers should stick to set schedules.

2.     Be Consistent

When you show up week after week, you get trust. If you’re streaming inconsistently, your viewers won’t want to check in as often as they know you’re not that reliable as a streamer. Followers want consistent content and reliable streamers. Think about it like a TV show. If you liked a show and they said “this show airs on Sundays at 10 p.m.” that’s cool. If they say “this show airs when we feel like airing it and we’ll be back at some point with the next episode,” not so much. Streaming is a difficult task and if you want a larger following, you need to start being consistent in your streaming.


3.     Interact with your Followers

Streamers need to be personable, people that the viewers can connect to. If your audience is unable to connect to you, they might not feel that interested and may move on to a different content creator. By interacting with your followers through chat, you’re not only showing that you’re human, but you’re showing a personal side that will help you, leverage viewers.


4.     Keep the Audience Engaged

From a viewer standpoint, watching an individual play a game and not talk is extremely unentertaining. While some streamers are only known for their gameplay and nothing else, those streamers comprise a very small percentage of streamers as a whole. You’re better off talking about the game, talking about aspects of the game to your chat than staying silent the entire time. You shouldn’t be the person that mindlessly plays a game in silence.

5.     Make your Stream look Presentable

Having custom graphics for your channel is a great way to make your Stream look presentable. Keeping everything organized with a theme will also help. Having gameplay the main focus with on-screen graphics such as follower and donation notifications will make your stream look more pleasant and easy on the eyes.


6.     Connect with Others

When you first start, you shouldn’t be concerned with high viewership numbers, everyone starts somewhere, and just contacting your friends and family to watch is a great start. By having somewhat of a small following, you might gain some traction. Have your friends and family share your stream with their friends, this will also boost the chance of someone joining in on the stream.

Give some, get some. When you are generous with your follows, others will follow you back or be generous back. If you see someone’s at 45 Twitch followers and needs to get to 50 on their road to getting affiliated, do a shout out to your followers and suggest they help someone else. Of course, there’s some magic to having way more followers than you follow. But when you’re getting started growing your Twitch channel, being generous with follows is going to help you get started than being stingy.

You can get so focused on yourself you forget that followers are other people just like you! So focus on being cool to the people who follow you and follow people too. When you want to grow your following fast, go in and comment on others frequently.

7.     Stream for a Decent Amount of Time

Many streamers stream for a long period, this can range from a couple of hours to nearly the entire day. You don’t want to just stream for a couple of minutes and get off, you’ll want to stream for at least a couple of hours. The longer you stream the more chances you’ll get at someone joining in on your stream.


8.     Take Advantage of Social Media

Posting news and highlights on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram is a great way to attract new viewers to your Twitch channel. Sharing your stream to your social media or creating a whole new social media profile for your stream is a great way to gain consistent followers. It’s also a great way to give notice to your followers when you’re about to go live.

9.     Upgrade your Setup

To create an enjoyable stream for your audience, you’ll want to invest in a great streaming setup. This includes a proper camera, microphone, and computer of course. Unless you’re operating with a two PC setup, you’ll want a strong enough PC to support both the game and your stream. Since both entities are taxing, the specifications of your PC will be determined by your stream quality and game quality.


10. Expand to Other Platforms

By expanding your stream to other platforms such as YouTube, your streams on Twitch will have a larger chance to receive attention, since you’ll have more people aware of your stream. Branching out to platforms such as TikTok may also be a viable option. Making short videos of your stream is a great way to gain publicity.

11. Choose your Games Wisely

While the game of choice is up to personal preference, certain gains may be hard to gain traction. For example, competitive games and games dominated by large streamers may be difficult for small streamers to stream. Since you’re competing against some of the largest of streamers, your stream will probably go unnoticed.


12. Network with other Streamers

One of the best ways to get a following is to network with other streamers. You’ll gain exposure when collabing with other streamers and some of those viewers may even give you a follow. It’s simple, yet effective.

13. Re-Watch your VODs

If you aren’t seeing any growth, you might want to rewatch your VODs. Rewatch your VODs from a viewer’s perspective. Find out what seems less than awesome and figure out what doesn’t work. Change those aspects for the next stream. 

14. Find a Niche

This goes hand and hand with the game of your choice, but finding a specific niche, for example, sports games, FPS games, MMO’s, etc will give a sense of familiarity to your viewers. “The riches are in the niches,” according to many successful entrepreneurs. Get deep into a niche to draw more fans rather than being all over the place all the time.

15. Use Giveaways to your Advantage

Once you’ve got a small following do a few giveaways, ask your viewers to follow certain platforms, or share something that will get your stream more exposure. When you give back to your community, you’re going to be building a positive reputation.

16. Ask your viewers Questions

When you’re first starting, it might seem a bit boring streaming to virtually no one. Just interacting with a few people in the chat asking questions back and forth can make you connect with your fanbase better. Large streamers are overwhelmed with the number of people in their chat and can’t connect with them as well as small streamers. As a small streamer, make each viewer count.

17. Go to Official Meetups

This also connects with networking, going to meetups with other streamers will help you grow your brand and channel. Having more connections will allow you to give and receive aid when needed. By just making a few good connections at meetups, it’ll go a long way.

18. Create Valuable Content

Content is king in most streaming situations. Whether it’s doing an insane play in a certain game or pulling an extremely rare item, those situations are extremely important and valuable. Clip them and share them online, it’ll help you gain a bit of exposure. If you get on the top of a popular forum, you’ll gain an extreme amount of exposure and with exposure, a new following.

19. Watch Successful Streamers

One of the best ways to be successful is to mimic success. Watch successful streamers in your niche and find out what makes them stand out. While you want to be a unique individual, try to mimic certain aspects that make you think will aid you in your journey to gaining a large Twitch following.

Top Twitch streamer Richard Blevins or Ninja

Top Twitch streamer Ninja

20. Be Yourself

At the end of the day, streaming isn’t fun if you’re not yourself. Just be yourself and have fun, putting on a fake persona is taxing and is bad in terms of a streamer viewer relationship. Ultimately streaming isn’t all about the numbers, it’s about perseverance and being yourself.

In Conclusion

Getting more Twitch followers is about being yourself, having fun, and expressing your own personality in your streaming. Don’t forget to have a sense of humor. The thing about having thousands of viewers is to be able to do this full-time, making money doing what you love. Imagine being able to get a new car or even a house being a Twitch streamer. It’s possible, it has been done. If anyone can do it, you can too. Stay in the game, and enjoy.  


Tim the Tatman has a great sense of humor. You can tell he’s real. Being himself earns him 44,000+ subscribers on Twitch!

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